Solution-based Fabrication of High-κ Gate Dielectrics for Next-Generation Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Transistors


  • The authors are grateful to Prof. M. Hara and Dr. E. Ito of Frontier Research System, RIKEN for technical support in TDS measurements. We are also grateful to C. Tsuruta, Dr. K. Kimoto, and Prof. Y. Matsui of Advanced Materials Lab., NIMS for technical support of HRTEM observation. We thank Dr. A. Nakao of Surface Analysis Lab., RIKEN, for assistance with XPS measurements.


The layer-by-layer adsorption of precursor metal alkoxides in solution and post-annealing at 400 °C affords an alternate technique to the atomic layer chemical vapour deposition method for fabrication of next-generation high-κ gate dielectrics. A void-free TiO2–La2O3 composite film (see Figure) with 18 nm thickness is readily fabricated, and shows a dielectric constant higher than 30.