A Chain-Structure Nanotube: Growth and Characterization of Single-Crystal Sb2S3 Nanotubes via a Chemical Vapor Transport Reaction


  • Financial support from the National Scientific Council (NSC), the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU, ORD92-03), and the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Profs. L.-C. Chen, K.-H. Chen, F.-Z. Chen, and J.-J. Kai for technical support with the SEM and TEM. Supporting information is available online or from the author.


Single-crystal Sb2S3 nanotubes with chain-like structures (see Figure) have been successfully synthesized by chemical vapor transport using sulfur as the transport agent. Detailed characterization of the nanotubes shows the growth direction of Sb2S3 nanotubes is determined by the crystallographic orientation of the chain-like building blocks. A mechanism explaining the formation of the nanotubes is presented.