Multiple-Walled Nanotubes Made of Metals


  • This work is supported by a DARPA-DURINT sub-contract from Harvard University, a Career Award from NSF (DMR-9983893), and a research fellowship from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Y. X. is a Camille Dreyfus Teacher Scholar (2002) and an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (2000). We thank T. Herricks and Dr. B. Mayers for their help with electron microprobe analysis. We also thank Prof. D. Gamelin for allowing us to use the UV-vis-NIR spectrometer in his research group.


Metal nanotubes with multiple walls (see Figure) have been synthesized in bulk quantities using a combination of galvanic replacement reaction (between Ag nanowires and salt precursors) and an electroless plating process of silver. These nanotubes with controllable structure, composition, and morphology are expected to find uses ranging from catalysis to gas storage, optoelectronics, electronics, and optical sensing.