Size-Controlled Formation of a Calcium Phosphate-Based Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Vector for Gene Delivery Using Poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(aspartic acid)


  • This work was supported by the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan (MEXT), and Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST), the Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST).


Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-covered hybrid particles (see Figure) of calcium phosphate (CaP), and plasmid DNA (pDNA) have been prepared in a size-controllable manner in the presence of a block copolymer. The particles show a substantial colloidal stability as well as tolerance of entrapped pDNA against nuclease attack in the medium, and achieve a significantly higher gene expression compared to conventional precipitates.