Compliant, Robust, and Truly Nanoscale Free-Standing Multilayer Films Fabricated Using Spin-Assisted Layer-by-Layer Assembly


  • We thank Dr. Yuri Pikus and M. Ornatska for useful assistance. This work was supported by the NSF, CTS-0210 005 Grant, AFOSR, F496200210 205 Grant, NASA, NAG 102 098 Contract, and Department of Commerce, M01-C03 Grant through The National Textile Center.


Free-standing multilayer gold-nanoparticle containing films with an overall thickness ranging from 20–70 nm have been fabricated. These films are compliant, robust, and long-living, and can be manufactured very time-efficiently with spin-assisted layer-by-layer assembly with an exceptionally high level of uniformity and integrity, which facilitate their ability to sustain multiple elastic deformations (see Figure).