Facile Microstructuring of Organic Semiconducting Polymers by the Breath Figure Method: Hexagonally Ordered Bubble Arrays in Rigid Rod-Polymers


  • The work was supported by the NSF (CHE 0138659, PI UB; DMR 00962640, PI MS), the Department of Energy (PI UB; FG02–03ER46029) and by the Petroleum Research Funds (PI MS). We thank Dr. D. D. C. Bradley for samples of 3–5 and Prof. U. Scherf for a sample of ladder polymer.


Microstructuring of conjugated polymers is facile utilizing the breath figure approach. Dilute solutions of conjugated polymers in carbon disulfide form highly ordered 2D hexagonal bubble arrays (see Figure and inside cover). The arrays are obtained if moist air is blown over the polymer solutions. Evaporative cooling leads to condensation of water droplets onto the liquid surface. After the solvent is evaporated, the ordered bubble array is observed.