Vapor–Liquid–Solid Growth of Silicon–Germanium Nanowires


  • This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number DMR-0103068 and The Pennsylvania State University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for Nanoscale Science (DMR-0213623). TEM work was performed in the electron microscopy facility of the Materials Characterization Laboratory at The Pennsylvania State University. The authors are grateful to Doug Webb and Jeff Robinson at ATMI Epitaxial Services for supplying the SiGe thin films that were used as calibration standards in this study.


SiGe alloy nanowires (see Figure) have been fabricated using vapor–liquid–solid (VLS) growth with silane (SiH4) and germane (GeH4) gas sources. Growth conditions have been identified that produce nanowires with homogeneous alloy composition with negligible Ge coating on the wire surface. The Ge composition in the nanowire can be controlled by varying the inlet GeH4/(GeH4 + SiH4) gas ratio.