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Advanced Materials

Enhanced Sensitivity of a Gas Sensor Incorporating Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube–Polypyrrole Nanocomposites


  • This project was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology through National Research Lab. program and Center for Nanotubes and Nanostructured Composites at Sungkyunkwan University. One of us (K. H. An) acknowledges financial support from the Center for Nanoscale Mechatronics & Manufacturing of 21st Century Frontier Research Program (M102KN010001-02K1401-00910).


A nanocomposite of polypyrrole/carbon nanotubes prepared by in situ chemical polymerization shows improved conductivity of the polypyrrole as compared with its pure form. Its application as a chemical sensor, made using a simple spin-casting technique, shows a drastically increased sensitivity. The Figure shows a field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) image of the SWNT/Ppy nanocomposite.

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