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Engineering Nanospaces: Iterative Synthesis of Melamine-Based Dendrimers on Amine-Functionalized SBA-15 Leading to Complex Hybrids with Controllable Chemistry and Porosity


  • D. F. S. and C. S. C. gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Texas Advanced Research Program and the Center for Integrated Microchemical Systems at Texas A&M University. This work was also supported by NSF grant CTS-0329386. The authors also acknowledge the Microscopy and Imaging Center (MIC) at Texas A&M for access to the TEM facilities. Supporting Information is available on the web from WileyInterscience or from the author.


A series of melamine-based dendrimers of various generations are grown directly off the surface of amine-functionalized SBA-15 (see Figure), demonstrating the feasibility of using functionalized mesoporous silica as a solid-phase support for organic–inorganic hybrid materials.

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