A Simple Method for Spin-Coating Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Films of Controlled Thickness and Porosity


  • The authors thank the Swedish Research Council for their financial support (VR grant 2001-1662). We are also grateful to the Wenner–Gren Foundation for their generous financial support of R. H. Schmidt. Finally, we thank Mats Lundberg, Reine Wallenberg, and the Department of Materials Chemistry at Lund University for allowing us to use their spin-coater and AFM.


A new, robust technique for preparing highly selective molecularly imprinted films (see Figure) is presented. Spin-coating is used to spread a pre-polymerization mixture on a substrate, which is subsequently cured with UV light. Important aspects of this technique include the use of a novel polymeric porogen dissolved in a low-volatility solvent to generate porous morphologies with enhanced binding capacities.