Self-Assembling Polymer–Peptide Conjugates: Nanostructural Tailoring


  • We thank Annelise Barron for use of the peptide synthesizer, Mark Johnson, Bert Menco and Jiahn-Dar Huang for assistance with QFDE, and Arthur Veis for use of the TEM. This research was supported by NIH grant DE 13030.


The synthesis and solution behavior of a series of β-sheet fibril-forming peptide–polymers is described. Several block copolymer architectures are explored, with various lengths and arrangements of the peptide and polymer blocks. One peptide–polymer, an 11-amino acid peptide conjugated to a polydisperse poly(ethylene glycol) chain, has the ability to form uncommonly regular, aligned, and minimally aggregated β-sheet fibrils (see Figure).