Near-Infrared-Electroluminescent Light-Emitting Planar Optical Sources Based on Gallium Nitride Doped with Rare Earths


  • This work has been supported by the Army Research Office under Grants Nos. DAAD19-00-1-0002 and DAAD19-01-1-0603.


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Strong near-infrared (NIR) electroluminescent emission at wavelengths used in telecommunication optical fibers was produced from rare-earth-doped GaN semiconductors in thin-metal-film/semiconductor/insulator/metal structures (see Figure). Strong near-infrared emission at wavelengths of 800 nm, 1082 nm, and 1550 nm has been demonstrated at room temperature with the trivalent thulium-, neodymium-, or erbium-doped GaN devices, respectively.