Organometallic Block Copolymers as Catalyst Precursors for Templated Carbon Nanotube Growth


  • This work was supported by the European RTN Network Polynano (HPRN-1999-00151), the National Center of Competence in Research Nanoscale Science of the Swiss National Science Foundation for Scientific Research, by the Cantons of Central Switzerland, the Micro Center Central Switzerland (MCCS) and the Masif Program of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.


The use of organic–organometallic block copolymers as catalyst precursors for templated carbon nanotube (CNT) growth (see Figure) is demonstrated for the first time. A thin film of block copolymer was treated with O2 plasma to produce ordered iron-containing catalyst nanoparticle arrays, which are efficient catalysts for CNT growth. This approach allows control of catalyst domain size and spacing by tailoring block copolymer composition.