Supraparticles and “Janus” Particles Fabricated by Replication of Particle Monolayers at Liquid Surfaces Using a Gel Trapping Technique


  • This work was partially supported by the EPSRC grant GR/S10025/01. O. J. Cayre is grateful to the University of Hull for provision of a Ph.D. studentship.


Fabrication of composite supraparticles and “Janus” particles via a novel, generic, gel trapping technique is presented. The method is based on templating particle monolayers at air–water or oil–water interfaces, followed by lifting of the particles with poly(dimethylsiloxane) and gold deposition. Replicating ordered colloid monolayers of repulsive particles at liquid surfaces allows fabrication of microporous surfaces and composite supraparticles (see Figure).