Membrane Photolithography: Direct Micropatterning and Manipulation of Fluid Phospholipid Membranes in the Aqueous Phase Using Deep-UV Light


  • This work was supported by the University of California, Davis; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Office of Science, BES, U.S. Department of Energy; and the NSF Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology. We thank A. Shreve, S. Simon, N. Jensen, J. Groves, and Y. Yeh for many helpful discussions.


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A wet photolithography approach using light-activated, localized, oxidative chemistry can directly pattern fluid phospholipid bilayers submerged in aqueous phases. Targeted incorporation of secondary components within pattern voids (see Figure) allows many membrane dynamical processes to be probed and optically defined arrays of holes, functional membrane microdomains, and proteins embedded in a lipidic background can be designed.