Silica-Templated Continuous Mesoporous Carbon Films by a Spin-Coating Technique


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of this work by NASA (Grant No. NAG-1-02070 and NCC-3-946), Office of Naval Research, Louisiana Board of Regents (Grant No. LEQSF(2001-04)-RD-B-09), National Science Foundation (Grant No. NSF-DMR-0124765 and CAREER award), and NSF of China (Grant No. 50325313 and 20128004). Supporting Information is available online from Wiley Interscience or from the authors.


Continuous mesoporous carbon thin films (see Figure) have been synthesized through direct carbonization of sucrose/silica nanocomposite films and subsequent removal of the silica to create a mesoporous carbon network. This method provides a simple and efficient method to synthesize continuous, high surface area and pore volume mesoporous carbon thin films with uniform-sized and interconnected pore channels.