Spontaneous Resolution of Racemic Hydrogen-Bonded Nanoassemblies on Graphite Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy


  • The authors acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Vasile Paraschiv in the synthesis of the tetrarosettes. This work has been financially supported by the Council for Chemical Sciences of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (CW-NWO; vernieuwingsimpuls stipend, Dr. H. Schönherr) and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (Dr. M. Crego-Calama).


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An atomic force microscopy (AFM) investigation into the spontaneous resolution of a P/M racemic mixture of helical self-assembled tetrarosettes 13·(DEB)12 (see Figure) into enantiopure domains in 2D supramolecular assemblies on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) is reported. These results represent the first reported case of spontaneous resolution of a racemate of chiral nanostructures.