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Ferroelectricity in Achiral Liquid-Crystal Systems


  • S. V. Yablonskii thanks FONDECYT 7000845 and RFBI 03-02.17288 for financial support. E. A. Soto-Bustamante and W. Haase are grateful to Volkswagen Stiftung, VW I/77005 and FONDECYT 1000845 and to Prof. P. Navarrete-Encina for helpful discussions.


Ferroelectricity can be detected in systems consisting of liquid-crystalline monomer–polymer mixtures possessing no chiral centers The ferroelectric behavior in mixtures of achiral liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers and achiral liquid-crystalline monomers is reported for the first time. The mixtures manifested high pyroelectric activity, with values of spontaneous polarization close to the theoretical limit and a “figure of merit” comparable to the value of classic organic ferroelectric materials.

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