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Electrically Switchable, One-Dimensional Polymeric Resonators from Holographic Photopolymerization: A New Approach for Active Photonic Bandgap Materials


  • The authors extend their appreciation to M. Schmidt, S. Sewicki, D. Tomlin and S. Ha for technical assistance. This work was supported a National Research Council Research Associateship (RJ) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR).


Stimulated emission is demonstrated by optically pumping chromophores within the liquid-crystal domains of 1D bandgap structures that are derived from holographic polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (H-PDLC) gratings (see Figure). Electrically switchable laser resonance is also possible using the H-PDLC, since applying an electric field across the grating aligns the directors of the liquid crystal, diminishing the refractive index profile and, consequently, the lasing action.

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