Advanced Materials

“Beaded” Bimetallic Nanowires: Wiring Nanoparticles of Metal 1 Using Nanowires of Metal 2


  • This work was funded by the National Science Foundation (#CHE-0111557 and INT 0233371). R. P. acknowledges the financial support of the A. P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, and the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation. F. F. acknowledges funding through NATO. Finally, donations of graphite by Art Moore of Advanced Ceramics are gratefully acknowledged.


Aligned metal nanoparticles are connected using a second metal to produce bimetallic wires. The nanoparticles are electrodeposited along the step edges of a highly oriented graphite surface and, after being given a protective coating, joined by long nanowires which are also electrodeposited. Beaded structures are produced, such as the nickel/molybdenum oxide wire shown the Figure.