A Simple Method for the Synthesis of Highly Oriented Potassium-Doped Tungsten Oxide Nanowires


  • H. Qi and C. Wang contributed equally to the project. This work is supported in part by a start-up fund from Duke University and Grant #49620-02-1-0188 from AFOSR. The authors thank Professor Jiye Fang (University of New Orleans) for the XRD measurement. The authors also acknowledge Professor Gleb Finkelstein (Duke University) for help in the SEM characterization


Very long and highly oriented potassium-doped tungsten oxide nanowires (see Figure) can be synthesized using the simple technique presented here. The mechanism of nanowire formation is investigated and a vapor–liquid–solid mechanism is proposed. This novel method can be easily scaled up and can also be extended to the preparation of nanowire arrays of other materials.