Nanobelts, Nanowires, and Nanodiskettes of Semiconducting Oxides—From Materials to Nanodevices


  • Thanks go to Drs. Zhengwei Pan, Zurong Dai, Phedon Avouris, G. Sberveglieri, E. Comini, and J. L. Gole for their contributions, and Mr. Michael Arnold, Chris Ma, Will Hughes, and Ms. Yolande Berta for the work reviewed in this article.


Novel nanostructures of semiconducting oxides are reviewed here. It is shown that nanobelts, nanowires, and nanodiskettes of materials such as zinc oxide, gallium oxide, silica, and tin oxide can be fabricated using a vapor-phase evaporation method. Two applications of these materials—in field effect transistors and as gas sensors—are highlighted.