A Polychromic, Fast Response Metallopolymer Gel Photonic Crystal with Solvent and Redox Tunability: A Step Towards Photonic Ink (P-Ink)


  • GAO and IM are Government of Canada Research Chairs in Materials and Polymer Chemistry, respectively. The authors thank the Connaught Foundation, NSERC, and the University of Toronto for funding. HM thanks Programa Incentius a la Investigación (UPV).


A broadly wavelength tunable polyferrocenylsilane–silica composite photonic crystal with a fast response is presented. Polychromic variation in the reflection wavelength is effected via the swelling by solvent of a crosslinked redox-active metallopolymer gel network incorporated in the voids of a planarized silica colloidal crystal film. The Figure demonstrates the fast mechanical response of the composite photonic crystals.