Controllable Synthesis of Highly Luminescent and Monodisperse CdS Nanocrystals by a Two-Phase Approach under Mild Conditions


  • This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for General (50303017, 50373044, 50253002), Major (50390090, 20394001), the Special Pro-Funds for Major State Basic Research Projects (2002CCAD4000), the Special Funds for Major State Basic Research Projects (No.2003CB615600), the Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China (No. 59825113), and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (KJCX2-SW-H07).


Highly luminescent and monodisperse CdS nanocrystals (see Figure) have been synthesized using a two-phase approach. The synthesis of CdS nanocrystals at the liquid–liquid interface was easy, safe, and highly reproducible, and the reaction conditions were mild and controllable.