From ZnO Colloids to Nanocrystalline Colored ZnxTiyOwzNz Spinel Films


  • This work was supported by the Region Bretagne, Project No. 991 304 VNQH, University of Rennes 1, and the CNRS. We thank Mr. Vincent Allegret-Maret and Dr. M. Guilloux-Viry for providing the XRD data. We are also grateful to Dr. R. Marchand for many valuable discussions.


A new class of colored heterometallic ZnxTiyOwzNz waveguides developed using a nanocolloidal sol–gel route combined with thermal treatment under ammonia atmosphere is reported. The resulting mesoporous layers are photostable and degrade the cationic pigment methylene blue under visible light irradiation. Semiconductor photocatalysis is currently being explored in environmental sciences, solar cell technologies, and preparative “green” technology.