Directed Self-Assembly of Silica Nanoparticles into Nanometer-Scale Patterned Surfaces Using Spin-Coating


  • This work was supported by the ARO/MURI in “Deep Subwavelength Optical Nanolithography”, and by the Mission Research Corp. under a subcontract from the Air Force Research Laboratory. We thank A. Frauenglass for advice and technical assistance, and Jim Lyke (AFRL), Jeff Brinker (UNM), Frank von Swol (UNM), and Vakhtang Poutkradze (UNM) for useful discussions.


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Directed self-assembly of silica nanoparticles into 1D grooves (see Figure) and 2D holes has been demonstrated. Large-area nanometer-scale-patterned surfaces were defined utilizing interferometric lithography. The particle dimensions and the nanopatterned structures were as small as 50 nm. The final particle distribution depends on the pattern dimensions and symmetry as well as on spin speed, pH of the colloidal suspension, and particle size.