First Examples of Alkenyl Pyridines as Organic Ligands for Phosphorescent Iridium Complexes


  • We thank the Ministry of Education (MOE Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of University under grant no. 89-FA04-AA) and the National Science Council (NSC-91-2113-M-007-053) of the Republic of China for supporting this research.


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The first successful synthesis of iridium complexes {(PEP)2Ir(acac), (NEP)2Ir(acac), (PETP)2Ir(acac), (MPEP)2Ir(acac), and (PP)2Ir(acac)} (see Figure) using an olefin-tethered pyridine ring is described. The electroluminescent devices prepared using these iridium complexes as dopant emitters showed very high brightness and efficiencies.