Synthesis of Ordered, Uniform, Macroporous Carbons with Mesoporous Walls Templated by Aggregates of Polystyrene Spheres and Silica Particles for Use as Catalyst Supports in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells


  • The authors thank KOSETI (R02-2004-000-10152-0) for financial support and the Korean Basic Science Institute at Jeonju and Daejeon for SEM and TEM measurements.


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Porous carbons with mesoporous walls (see Figure) are produced by template replication of aggregates of small silica particles, which were themselves templated by a self-assembled lattice of larger monodisperse polystyrene spheres. A direct methanol fuel cell using the new material as a catalyst support shows significantly improved performance due to the combination of high surface area and facile fuel and product diffusion.