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Advanced Materials

Reversible 300 K Ferromagnetic Ordering in a Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor


  • This work was funded by the NSF (DMR-0239325 and ECS-0224138), the Semiconductor Research Corporation (2002-RJ-1051G), and the UW/PNNL Joint Institutes for Nanoscience (Graduate Research Award to D. A. S.). D. R. G. is a Cottrell Scholar of the Research Corporation. We thank Profs. S. A. Chambers and K. M. Krishnan for donation of materials. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience, or from the author.


Reversible 300 K ferromagnetic ordering in a diluted magnetic semiconductor, Co2+:ZnO, is achieved by lattice incorporation and removal of the native n-type defect, interstitial Zn, resulting in “off” and “on” states (Figure, red triangles and blue circles). Spectroscopic and magnetic data implicate a double-exchange mechanism for ferromagnetism. These results suggest new opportunities for integrating magnetism and conductivity in semiconductor sensor or spin-based electronics devices.

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