High Efficiency Fine Particulate Filtration Using Carbon Nanotube Coatings


  • The authors thank Mark Zhuang for his help with the BET analysis. We also thank George Karles, Vicki Baliga, Randall Baren, and Prof. P. M. Ajayan (RPI) for valuable assistance and fruitful discussions relating to this work. We are grateful to NanoTechLabs Inc., for the MWNT samples.


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Thin films of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) deposited on cellulose fiber filters (see Figure) are evaluated as particulate filtration media. Even for very low MWNT coverages (∼0.07 mg cm–2), these filters exhibit efficiencies greater than 99 % for airborne fine particles. The pore structure and quality of the nanotube-based filters have also been characterized.