Nanoscale Architecture of Metal-Oxide-Pillared Clays using Supercritical CO2


  • Supporting Information is available online at Wiley InterScience or from the author. The authors are grateful to Dr. R. Ishii of AIST Tohoku centre for his invaluable suggestions on the use of vermiculite, and to Mr. Ben Wong for his advice on the manuscript. We thank Tomoe Industrial Co. Ltd. for supplying the VMT.


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The fabrication of metal-oxide-pillared clay by a simple, environmentally friendly method is reported. The interlayer space within the clay (vermiculite, VMT) is first modified, followed by the intercalation of metal alkoxides dissolved in supercritical CO2 (see Figure), which are then hydrolyzed. Large electrostatic charges on VMT help resist delamination during intercalation and maintain ordered structures after calcination. Basal spacing and porosity are controllable by the intercalation time.