Size Fractionation of Metal Nanoparticles by Membrane Filtration


  • The authors acknowledge Michael Frongillo at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for his assistance with TEM. Financial support for this work is provided by the Office of Naval Research under grant no. N00014-02-1-0343 and by the National Science Foundation NIRT program grant no. DMR-0303973, and in part by the NSF MRSEC program under award no. DMR-0213282.


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A novel thin film composite nanofiltration (NF) membrane is fabricated by coating a conventional ultrafiltration membrane with a self-assembling amphiphilic graft copolymer. The NF membranes are used in the fractionation of gold nanoparticles to achieve a well-defined particle cutoff diameter and reduced size dispersity (see Figure).