Synthesis of Submicrometer-Sized Electrochemically Active Lithium Cobalt Oxide via a Polymer Precursor


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the use of the spray-drying equipment of the Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH (Lahnstein, Germany) and the kind assistance of Alfred Vuin and Dr. Peter Quirmbach. The financial support of the European Commission in the framework of the CODE project (RTN1-1999-00222) is also gratefully acknowledged.


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Submicrometer-sized LiCoO2 powders (see Figure) for potential applications in energy-storage devices are prepared by calcination starting from an amorphous Li/Co salt of poly(acrylic acid). LiCoO2 powders with an average grain size of 200 nm are obtained. They exhibit a specific capacity of up to 180 mA h g–1 if charged at 4.5 V vs. Li/Li+. The macromorphology of the precursor fixed by spray-drying is preserved in the agglomerate of the grains obtained after calcination.