Lithium-Ion Intercalation into TiO2-B Nanowires


  • P. G. B is indebted to The Royal Society and the EPSRC (UK) for financial support, including the award of a studentship to G. A. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Li+ Intercalation into TiO2-B nanowires is reported up to a composition of Li0.91TiO2-B (specific charge capacity: 305 mA h g–1) and with a superior rate capability to nanoparticulate anatase and bulk TiO2-B (see Figure). The combination of high capacity for Li+ intercalation, high rate capability, and a potential of ∼1.6 V, renders the intercalated nanowires interesting as anodes for rechargeable lithium batteries and negative electrodes for supercapacitors.