Symmetry Control of Polymer Colloidal Monolayers and Crystals by Electrophoretic Deposition on Patterned Surfaces


  • The authors gratefully thank Henk A. G. M. van Wolferen for technical assistance with the operation of the LIL set-up, Mark Smithers for his help with SEM imaging, and Prof. Laurens (Kobus) Kuipers for the many useful discussions. Funding by the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology of the University Twente in the Photonic Materials Program is acknowledged.


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Colloidal crystals with body-centered cubic packing (see Figure) can be fabricated by electrophoretic deposition of charged latex particles onto patterned surfaces. Laser-interference lithography produces SiO2 layers patterned with controlled symmetry that can then be used to control the orientation and symmetry of colloidal monolayers and crystals deposited onto the electrodes.