Advanced Materials

A Simple Route to Tunable Two-Dimensional Arrays of Quantum Dots


  • J. P. wishes to thank the Swiss National Science Foundation for funding through Grant PBNE2-102378, and Dr. Raymond R. Dagastine for his valuable advice on AFM. D. G. acknowledges support from the University of Melbourne through its international scholarship program. This work was supported through ARC Grant DP 0344356.


An innovative method of growing patterned, two-dimensional (2D) arrays of CdSe@ZnS quantum dots (QDs) is presented. Nanosphere lithography is used to generate hexagonally patterned metallic islands, followed by self-assembly of a monolayer of aminoethanethiol, which provides QD-anchoring groups. QD monolayers are then adsorbed onto the self-assembled monolayer. The simple method used for making the arrays permits scalable preparation of 2D-patterned QD arrays.

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