Nanowire p–n Heterojunction Diodes Made by Templated Assembly of Multilayer Carbon-Nanotube/Polymer/Semiconductor-Particle Shells around Metal Nanowires


  • We thank Prof. T. N. Jackson and C.-C. S. Kuo for their assistance with the electrical measurements. This work has been supported by National Science Foundation grant CHE-0095394 and DARPA/ONR Moletronics Program.


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Metal nanowires coated with multilayer films of (TiO2/W12O41)3(PAN/SWNT)3PAN (12 nm thick; PAN: Polyaniline; SWNT: single-walled carbon nanotube) are synthesized using different, templated, layer-by-layer assembly techniques. Their I–V characteristics indicate a built-in p–n junction at the TiO2/PAN interface (rectification ratio >120 at 3 V). Films grown on planar substrates have similar thickness, morphology, and electrical properties.