Discontinuous Molecular Films Can Control Metal/Semiconductor Junctions


  • We are grateful to the Israel Science Foundation, the Philip M. Klutznick Research Fund, and the Minerva foundation (Munich) for partial support. We thank our Weizmann Institute colleagues R. Arad-Yellin and A. Shanzer for the dC–X molecules, J. Ghabboun (Weizmann) and A. Kahn (Princeton University) for fruitful discussions, and G. Bruno (CNR-IMIP, Bari), V. Augelli and L. Schiavulli (Univ. Bari) for their support.


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Molecular control over charge transport across a metal/semiconductor interface persists even if there is only a partial monolayer of polar molecules at the interface. This is because the long-range electrostatic effect of the dipole layer also affects the semiconductor regions under the film's pinholes. Thus, all types of polar molecules that show average order at the interface can be used.