Hydrogen Physisorption in Metal–Organic Porous Crystals


  • The authors are very grateful to Ewald Bischoff for taking the SEM images of the MOF-5 samples, to Annette Fuchs for the N2 sorption measurements, and to Robert Dinnebier for the XRD profile matching.


original image

Hydrogen adsorption in microporous solid materials may enable H2 to be stored at lower pressures than in compressed-gas tanks, and at higher temperatures than for liquid H2. A new class of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) with a high specific surface area appears promising for H2 storage. Here, the H2-uptake capacity of MOF-5 over a wide pressure range, at room temperature and at 77 K is investigated (see Figure). Adsorption of H2 exclusively in the micropores of these metal–organic frameworks is demonstrated.