Effect of Nanoparticle Mobility on Toughness of Polymer Nanocomposites


  • We thank Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR), AFOSR, ONR, and NASA for financial support provided for this research, and gratefully acknowledge the use of CCMR-sponsored XRD and SEM/TEM facilities, as well as the time and assistance of M. Weathers (XRD) and J. Hunt (TEM/SEM).


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Nanoparticle orientation and alignment under tensile stress results in enhanced toughness in nanocomposite materials. This energy-dissipation mechanism, which is not observed in conventional polymer composites, is applicable to both semicrystalline and amorphous polymer-composite systems. The mechanism depends on the mobility of the nanoparticles in the matrix, as shown in the Figure before (left) and after (right) stretching.