Chemical Nanopatterns via Nanoimprint Lithography for Simultaneous Control over Azimuthal and Polar Alignment of Liquid Crystals


  • We thank Konrad Vogelsang (Paul Scherrer Institut) for the technical support and Dr. Naci Basturk and Dr. Joachim Grupp (ASULAB) for fruitful discussion and providing glass substrates. This work is supported by Swiss CTI TOP NANO21 program, project NANOLIC. The bulk of this work was performed at PSI.


original image

Chemical nanopatterns down to 50 nm in feature size have been fabricated via nanoimprint lithography and used to simultaneously control azimuthal and polar orientation of liquid crystals (LCs). The polar orientation depends on the ratio of the homeotropic/planar surface potential areas, while the LC azimuthally orients along the direction of the silane patterns (see Figure).