Hall and Field-Effect Mobilities of Electrons Accumulated at a Lattice-Matched ZnO/ScAlMgO4 Heterointerface


  • This research was partially supported by a MEXT Grant of Creative Scientific Research (no. 14GS0204), a Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (no. 15685011), and the Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering. AT is supported by a JSPS fellowship.


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At a lattice-matched ZnO/ScAlMgO4 heterointerface, Hall and field-effect mobilities of grain-boundary-free ZnO channels have been simultaneously characterized under a gate electric field (EG) applied through a ScAlMgO4 dielectric gate. The field-effect mobility increased linearly with increasing EG (see Figure), clearly in contrast to the supralinear (exponential) dependence that has been previously reported for polycrystalline channels.