Surface-Initiated Polymerization on Nanopatterns Fabricated by Electron-Beam Lithography


  • Sang Jung Ahn and Marian Kaholek contributed equally to this work. The authors thank the National Science Foundation for support through grants NSF EEC-021059, NSF DMR-0239769 CAREER AWARD, and ARO DAADG55-98-D-0002. We thank Mr. Hongwei Ma (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University) for the synthesis of the thiol initiator.


original image

Micro- and nanopatterns of polymer brushes (see Figure) are fabricated using a “top–down/bottom–up” approach. A silicon surface is patterned with gold using lift-off electron-beam lithography (“top–down”), and the resulting pattern is then amplified by surface-initiated atom-transfer radical polymerization (“bottom–up”) of N-isopropylacrylamide from an immobilized thiol initiator.