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Advanced Materials

Observation of High-Aspect-Ratio Nanostructures Using Capillary Lithography


  • This research was supported by a grant (04K1401-01710) from the Center for Nanoscale Mechatronics & Manufacturing, one of the 21st Century Frontier Research Programs, which are supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea. This work was also supported in part by the Micro Thermal System Research Center of Seoul National University. K. Y. Suh thanks Dr. Sangyong Jon for providing the PEG copolymer and Dr. Hyunsik Yoon for providing the original master.


Several intriguing nanostructures, such as mushroom-like nanopillars, vertical nanopillars (see Figure), and nanospheres, are made using capillary lithography and a new, UV-curable mold consisting of polyurethane functionalized with an acrylate group. An aspect ratio as high as five is achieved for nanopillars 90 nm in diameter.

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