Advanced Materials

Spinning Solid and Hollow Polymer-Free Carbon Nanotube Fibers


  • This work was supported by DARPA grant MDA 972-02-C-005, DOD/USARO grant W911NF-04-1-0174, the Texas Advanced Technology Program grant 009741-0130-2003, and the Robert A. Welch Foundation.


Polymer-free carbon nanotube fibers are spun from aqueous dispersions using a flocculation-based process that was developed. It produces hollow fibers, folded ribbon fibers, and solid fibers (see Figure). The fibers spun from single-walled nanotubes exhibit relatively high electrical conductivities (∼140 S cm–1 at room temperature) and electrochemical capacitances (∼100 F g–1) after annealing. Fiber supercapacitors are made from the spun fibers.

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