Bacteriorhodopsin Monolayers for Optoelectronics: Orientation and Photoelectric Response on Solid Supports


  • We thank the Israel Ministry of Science for support (strategic research Tashtyoth). T. H. thanks J. Ghabboun, S. Rühle, A. Salomon, I. Visoly-Fisher for help in experiments, and the Clore foundation for a postdoctoral fellowship.


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Well-oriented monolayers of bacteriorhodopsin(bR)-containing purple-membrane patches are prepared on solid substrates (see Figure). Green-light illumination completely converts wild-type bR to the blue-light-absorbing M state, even at high humidity and pH 7. The possibility of bR-based optoelectronic devices is significantly enhanced by systems comprised of the long-lived M state, thus underlying the importance of this work.