A Novel Water-Free Proton-Conducting Solid Electrolyte based on an Organic/Inorganic Hybrid


  • S. Y. Lee acknowledges LG Chem and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) for financial and technical support. Deep appreciation is also attributed to Mr. G. Glasser (MPI-P), Mr. C. Sieber (MPI-P), Prof. D. Yoon (Seoul National University), and Dr. J. K. Yeo (LG Chem) for their experimental support and discussion.


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A novel water-free proton-conducting solid electrolyte based on an organic (CImSS)/inorganic (silicate) hybrid is presented (see Figure). In the absence of water, a remarkably high proton conductivity of around 10–4 S cm–1 at 160 °C is obtained for the CImSS/MTEOS-based silicate hybrid, which may be attributed to the well-developed percolation of the proton-conducting phase (CImSS) and its weaker interaction with the silicate.