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Preparation of Exfoliated Polyester/Clay Nanocomposites


  • This research was supported in part by the Ministry of Economy Affairs of Taiwan and the National Science Council of Taiwan under Grant No's NSC-91-2113-M-033-013, NSC-92-2113-M-033-016, and NSC-93-2113-M-033-010. Dr. J.-M. Yeh is gratefully acknowledged for assistance with the CO2 gas barrier measurements.


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Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET)/clay nanocomposites are prepared by intercalation of a catalyst precursor and an organic modifier, followed by the polymerization of monomers between the adjacent clay layers. The mechanical properties, thermal deformation temperature, anti-UV-radiation properties, CO2 gas-barrier properties, and clarity of bottles blown from the PET/clay nanocomposites (see Figure) are improved.

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