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Structural and Optical Properties of Uniform ZnO Nanosheets


  • This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.60176003 and No.60376009, and the Foundational Excellent Researcher to Go Beyond the Century of the Ministry of Education of China. R. Mu acknowledges the financial support from ARO, NREL/DOE, and NSF-CREST of United States.


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ZnO nanosheets (see Figure) are fabricated by a physical vapor-transport technique. Temperature-dependent microphotoluminescence spectroscopy is conducted from 80–857 K. A surprisingly strong high-temperature (857 K) photon emission is observed. A brief discussion is given in an attempt to understand the physical mechanisms. Technically, this finding demonstrates that the ZnO nanostructure has a potential for high-temperature optoelectronic applications.

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