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Lithography-Free, Self-Aligned Inkjet Printing with Sub-Hundred-Nanometer Resolution


  • It is a pleasure to acknowledge important contributions from and useful discussions with Mike Banach, Nick Stone, Devin MacKenzie, Wilhelm Huck, Mark Etchells, and Shane Norval. We thank Dave Brennan and Paul Townsend of the Dow Chemical Company for supplying the F8T2 polymer, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for financial support. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Direct inkjet printing of sub-100 nm nanoscale gaps, without the need for any high-resolution lithography, is made possible by a novel self-aligned printing method (see Figure). The benefits of this method are demonstrated by fabrication of all-polymer transistor circuits, which exhibit switching speeds at least two orders of magnitude higher than those previously reported for inkjet-printed polymer devices.

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